Seon’s Halfway to Pink Shirt Day BBQ Fundraiser Unites the Community

For the second year in a row, Seon, a Safe Fleet brand, hosted their BBQ Fundraiser, Halfway to Pink Shirt Day. Seon employees and the Coquitlam community gathered funds that will help create a safer environment for kids across the country. All money raised will be donated immediately to CKNW Orphans’ Fund Pink Shirt Day, a Canadian organization supporting anti-bullying initiatives that directly help youth in need.

This year’s BBQ was held as a part of the United Against Bullying program, launched by Safe Fleet and its subsidiaries including Seon in July 2015. The goal of this campaign is to offer school communities tools, resources, and funding to support their best initiatives to stop bullying and empower young people to stand up against abusive behavior.

As a result of the event, Seon raised over $800 from the sale of 50/50 and lunch tickets, as well as donations from the staff and community. These funds will be given to Pink Shirt Day to be distributed to anti-bullying organizations that help support children’s healthy self-esteem, and teach empathy and kindness.

Read more about the event here.

SEON BBQ Fundraiser