Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer Announces Video & Camera Solutions That Promote Safety On The Road For Every Fleet

“We are partnering with leading video and technology companies within the Safe Fleet corporate portfolio who share in the belief of providing simple, economical camera and video technology to keep drivers and life on the road safe.”

Fred Jevaney, President, Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer

Elmhurst, IL February 7, 2018 – As a company focused on providing class-leading temperature control and access products for the unique needs of the distribution industry, including: food and beverage, retail, private fleets, and 3PL carriers, Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer has announced its latest portfolio addition – video and camera solutions. Its video and camera portfolio combines cutting-edge technology and deep experience with systems that deliver simplicity, safety, and ROI for the distribution fleet.

“We have partnered with two leading companies who are also a part of the Safe Fleet corporate portfolio – Rear View Safety and Seon,” said Fred Jevaney, president of Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer. “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016 fatalities involving large trucks increased 5.4 percent year over year, to reach 4,713. We aim to provide affordable video and camera solutions to help drivers and the public stay safe on the road and lower the number of fatalities.”

Comprehensive camera solutions and event recording systems are technologies that enable companies to elevate their culture of safety and provide additional on-the-road confidence to their drivers.


  • See Every Angle: From a 360o bird’s eye view to backup cameras and monitors, drivers are now able to eliminate blind spots and see what’s behind and around their vehicles.
  • Promoting Safer Driving Habits: With the ability to review the day on the road, fleet managers are able to identify coaching opportunities such as hard braking, fast acceleration, and sudden deceleration.
  • Monitor Idling: Minimize idling time to reduce fuel costs.
  • Limit Liability and Protect Company Brand: Video is available for event reconstruction and time dated telematics data to reduce collision, insurance claims and fleet operating costs.

“Safe Fleet as an organization and our division, Truck & Trailer, share a vision for growing the technology ecosystem to help fleets become safer on the road,” said Chuck Carey, vice-president of sales, Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer. “Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer’s video and camera portfolio was well-researched to fit the needs of our delivery fleets while remaining committed to providing solutions that are simple to install and operate; economical; and provide our customers with the greatest return on investment.”

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About Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer
Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer, a division of Safe Fleet, a leading manufacturer of temperature control, access, and video & camera product solutions to truck and trailer fleets across North America. Products include insulated bulkheads, rear and side door curtains, insulated pallet covers, walkramps, platforms, steps, and camera & video solutions. Our nationwide sales team provides personal service and unmatched industry knowledge to protect inventory, improve productivity, and promote safety.

About Safe Fleet
Headquartered in Belton, MO, Safe Fleet owns a portfolio of brands that provide safety solution to fleet vehicle manufacturers and operators around the world. These brands serve major markets including: Bus, Rail and RV, Truck and Trailer, Work Truck, Emergency, Waste and Industrial and Military. With over 1,100 employees and 10 manufacturing locations, Safe Fleet targets markets with increasing demand for operator, passenger, and pedestrian safety.

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