Safe Fleet Releases a New and Improved Stop Arm Defender Series

Stop Arm Defender

BELTON, MO (March 6, 2017) – Specialty Manufacturing, a Safe Fleet brand, is pleased to announce the release of their new and improved Defender Electric Stop Arm for the school bus market. Equipped with a new intelligent drive system, the product offers superior durability and reliability to reduce illegal pass-bys and ensure student safety. The Defender Electric Stop Arm will replace the 7 Series Stop Arm to reduce wind flutter and overall maintenance costs for fleets.

New Intelligent Drive System

The new intelligent stop arm drive system includes a new motor with 200% more torque than previous versions, and a sealed design for increased reliability and reduced downtime. An integrated closed loop controller with motor encoder improves deployment accuracy. Obstruction detection technology helps prevent blade damage and eliminates premature motor failures.

Heavy Duty Design

A new heavy duty design features a 30% thicker blade, and an increased bend radii to improve strength and durability. A hinge arm with a heavier gauge and single piece component further increases the strength of the stop arm while improving its overall aesthetic.

Increase in Warranty Period

The new Defender Series Stop Arm comes with an increase in warranty period from a previous 2 year warranty now to 3 years which reduces the total overall cost of ownership.

“Defender Electric is an excellent addition to our line of school bus safety products. Its innovative design and improved reliability will help our customers reduce maintenance costs and at the same time ensure safety of students outside the bus,” explained Douglas Campbell, National Account Manager, School Bus. “The new product also comes with some options one of which is a new wind guard. This feature will be beneficial for high wind states where weather conditions and high traveling speed of buses usually increase the stop arm wear.”

The Defender Series Electric Stop Arm is now available to the school bus market across the United States and Canada.

Detailed information about the new product is available on the official Safe Fleet web site.

About Specialty Manufacturing

Located in Charlotte, NC, Specialty Manufacturing is part of the larger Safe Fleet Bus & Rail family.  The brand is the dominant manufacturer of stop and crossing arms for school buses.  It also manufactures step treads for school and transit bus applications.  To learn more visit  Or, to learn about the portfolio of brands owned by Safe Fleet Bus & Rail’s parent company, Safe Fleet, visit

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