Safe Fleet Hosts Live Demonstration of Smart Safety Solutions™ at the Annual National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Conference and Trade Show

Innovative Predictive Stop Arm™ takes a proactive approach in addressing the national issue of illegal passings of stopped school buses

Belton, Missouri (OCTOBER 29, 2019)

Passing vehicles cause an estimated two-thirds of school bus loading and unloading fatalities. While using a school bus to get to and from school is 70 times safer than walking, biking or riding in a car driven by adults or teenage drivers, children are still being injured in accidents that occur outside of the school bus but should be prevented.

Safe Fleet, a leading global provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles, recently launched its Predictive Stop Arm™ (PSA) and Right-Hand Danger Zone (RHDZ) solutions this summer. After successful PSA pilots with existing customers in school districts across the nation and an RHDZ beta trial with select school districts, Safe Fleet will now unveil these Smart Safety Solutions to the industry-at-large at the annual NAPT Conference and Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio.

The national issue of illegal passing of stopped school buses historically has been met with reactive technology measures. However, Safe Fleet’s live demonstration will show technology currently available on the market that takes an effectively proactive approach to help keep students out of harm’s way.

Using radar technology and predictive analytics, the PSA is the first-to-market school bus safety solution to proactively notify both the bus driver and students, through audible and visual warnings, of potential danger detected by the system. Using advanced video analytics, the RHDZ focuses on the right-hand side of the bus and detects students and their movements within a definable right-hand danger zone area to prevent a potential accident before it occurs.

Safe Fleet’s Vice President, School Bus, Chris Akiyama, will be available on-site to discuss the school bus danger zone and what a safety zone might look like, with new technology. Having specialized in federally mandated products on school buses for over 20 years, Safe Fleet is the industry’s trusted leader in school bus safety technologies.

Chris Akiyama, Vice President, School Bus, Safe Fleet

Monday November 4th, 2019
11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. EDT

West Side Connector of Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 N. High Street
Columbus, OH

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About Safe Fleet

Safe Fleet has a vision to reduce preventable deaths and injuries in and around fleet vehicles with a goal of ZERO accidents.  To that end, Safe Fleet’s best-of-breed smart solutions form an integrated safety platform for fleets of every type – School Bus, Transit Bus, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Work Truck, Truck and Trailer, Construction, Agriculture, Waste & Recycling, Industrial and Military.

With our broad portfolio of market-leading safety solutions, 1,600 employees, and 14 manufacturing locations across North America, also serving Europe, Asia and the rest of the globe, Safe Fleet continues to innovate and deliver the smart solutions that fleets will need to survive and thrive in a changing world – and ensure that drivers, passengers, first responders, in-the-field workers, and pedestrians arrive home safely.

At Safe Fleet, we’re Driving Safety Forward.™

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