ROM Featured in Ingram’s

Ingram’s, Kansas City’s Business Magazine, featured R·O·M Corporation in a recent article. Portions are reproduced below. For the full article, visit the Ingram’s website.

Customer Service, Strategic Acquisitions and the Right Product Mix Have This Belton-Based Manufacturer Rolling


If you really want to appreciate the depth of the economic downturn in this country, try making products for other businesses. Jeff Hupke does, and as president of R·O·M Corporation, he has a box seat to keep score on the economic recovery.

Belton-based R·O·M’s line includes such equipment as roll-up doors for emergency and food-distribution vehicles, along with other products that safeguard workers in the business of moving heavy loads — ramps, cargo trays, LED lighting and more. One of the company’s sweet spots historically has been the truck and trailer industry, which offers some metrics into that contest he’s observing.

“When the recession hit, the trailer build in the U.S. went from 300,000, one of the highest levels all-time, to about 78,000,” Hupke said. “For us, the impact wasn’t that great because our primary customers in the truck and trailer market were food-service distributors, and the food service segment was much less elastic.”

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