ROM Featured in Fire Apparatus Magazine

Fire Apparatus magazine recently featured ROM Corporation Roll-Up Doors in an article on Fire Industry recruitment projects. Portions are reproduced below. For the full article, please visit the Fire Apparatus website.


Fire Industry Suppliers Support Recruitment Project


As Smith’s dream started to take shape, he began calling companies that provide equipment for fire apparatus. First on his list was R?O?M Corporation. Cindy Preston, a customer development representative, immediately sensed his passion. “Just talking to him, you could tell his love for the fire industry and how he wanted to share that passion with kids,” Preston says. “I could visualize it. It was exciting, and I wanted us to be a part of it.”

R?O?M offered to donate a set of roll-up doors for Smith’s project. It was a good start, but more was needed. So Preston reached out to contacts she had in the industry. “Once the ball gets started, you don’t have to give it much of a push,” she says. “Robbie didn’t need help. He had the dream.”


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