ROM Converts HID Fixtures to LED


BELTON, MO (September 27, 2012) — While discontinuing both the 70W and 150W High Intensity Discharge (HID) ballasts, R·O·M Corporation (R·O·M) announces a new direct replacement product that provides more useable light, longer lamp/diode life, and instant on capability.

The new Magnafire LED Drop In Replacement (DIR) provides more useable light than the HID ballast – with no lamp to change. More importantly, the LED unit reaches full brightness the moment the switch is turned on vs. the 20 seconds it takes a HID ballast to reach full brightness. Both 70W and 150W Magnafire LED units carry a two-year warranty.

“The new LED drop ins fit into existing Magnafire 3000 housings and are relatively painless to upgrade,” said Steve Touchton, R·O·M emergency and specialty product manager. The company has recently posted a two-minute YouTube video to walk through each step of the install.

“R·O·M is the only company that doesn’t penalize a customer by asking them to purchase an off-the-shelf LED fixture if they want to upgrade from HID. This is a significant cost savings, especially if a fleet of HID fixtures is involved,” Touchton said.

Customers should take care to order the correct part ID. For 70W ballasts, the Magnafire 3000 LED replacement part ID is R03703. For 150W ballasts, the part ID is R03704.

About R·O·M

R·O·M Corporation, founded in 1947, is headquartered in a 65,000 sq. ft. facility in suburban Kansas City, MO and specializes in building products that improve worker productivity and reduce workplace accidents associated with slips, trips, falls, and muscle strains. The company employs talented tradesmen, machinists, engineers, and sales and customer service professionals in 11 different states. R·O·M product solutions are marketed to emergency responders, truck and trailer operators, production line employees, and public/private utility workers.

R·O·M Corporation is ISO 9001-certified, owner of 10 U.S. and Canadian patents, and also operates facilities in West St. Paul, MN and East Stroudsburg, PA.

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