Reducing Strains, Slips, Trips, and Falls

R·O·M Marketing Manager Cameron Blain Contributes Featured Article to Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

Cameron Blain, Marketing Manager for R·O·M Corporation, recently contributed an article to Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine. The article discusses what fire departments can do to prevent, reduce and eliminate the number of job-related accidents that can occur. Portions are reproduced below. To read the full article, visit the Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment website.

“Recent National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data shows that of the more than 32,000 accidents that occurred on the fireground in 2010, a majority were attributed to muscles strains, slips, trips, and falls. As a department, keeping our volunteers and full time employees healthy and accident-free improves morale and reduces the likelihood of insurance premiums increasing year after year. So, let’s take a quick walk around the truck to ensure we’re doing all we can to reduce, control, or eliminate common culprits for accidents.”

“Reducing Muscle Strains-Lifting”

“One of the biggest chunks of real estate on an apparatus is consumed by compartments. Muscle strains typically occur when performing either a basic or physically demanding task. By definition, a muscle strain can be either torn muscle fibers or tendons. One of the more typical movements that results in a strain is reaching inside the back of a compartment to pick up a piece of equipment. This often causes immediate, sharp pains to the lower back that can extend up into the neck. To reduce muscle strains, start first with what you can control-proper education.”

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