Rear View Safety Hires New Director of Sales Focusing on Strategic Partnerships and New Market Development

Jean-Paul (JP) Weaver

Jean-Paul (JP) Weaver

NEW YORK (August 18, 2016) – Rear View Safety, the industry leader in the sales and distribution of backup camera systems, as well as a strong and dedicated road safety advocate, announced today that Jean-Paul (JP) Weaver has joined the company as Director of Sales. Jean-Paul will lead new sales initiatives by creating fruitful partnerships with OEM’s, dealers, and customers. He comes to Rear View Safety with strong experience in business strategy and the creation of effective relationships in the consumer goods world with the use of both quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify creative business opportunities.

Prior to joining Rear View Safety, Jean-Paul spent several years as a product manager for Yamaha Motor and Avery Dennison, as well as managing a small family-owned graphics business. The hiring of Weaver is the next logical step for the rapidly growing company.

“With our recent partnership with Safe Fleet, Rear View Safety has been given the opportunity to enter new markets and foster new relationships, and we believe with the addition of JP, we can really harness and exploit the strengths of the partnership and continue the aggressive growth Rear View Safety has seen over the past couple of years,” said Rear View Safety Executive Vice President Joseph Schechter.

A Southern California native, Jean-Paul received his B.S. in business from the University of Southern California and his M.B.A. from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Today he is happy to call New York his home and to help expand the brand.

“The team at Rear View Safety is exceptional.  They’ve been able to design and manufacture some of the best video package solutions for the RV world to the waste management industry, and continue to lead the market in rearview safety solutions.  I’m excited at the opportunity to join the team and drive the Rear View Safety brand to higher levels in both the minds of the end-user and OEM level by selling the best rearview solutions with the best customer service in the industry,” said Weaver.

Rear View Safety joined the Safe Fleet Family in mid-2016. The Brooklyn based company specializes in working with OEM’s across all industries to produce the highest quality and most effective camera safety solutions for their manufactured vehicles. Rear View Safety’s trusted fleet division excels in creating and implementing practical strategies that protect the value and safety of fleets of all type and size. The company has been crucial in driving the rapid adoption of video systems in truck, trailer, commercial van, construction, bus and shuttle, government and municipality, emergency, agriculture, industrial and recreational vehicles. The recent partnership with Safe Fleet has allowed Rear View Safety to expand further into new markets. The company prides itself in having the highest quality products and best customer service in the industry.

Rear View Safety has long been a leader in vehicle safety solutions. The commercial backup camera provider is also available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maintains a Road Safety Resource site.

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