Maranda CTB Debuts Fuel Sipper Integrated Ladder Rack

Patented integrated ladder rack design gets fleet vehicles into parking garages and car washes previously not accessible. 


The newest capsule design by Maranda Composite Truck Body integrates an ergonomic ladder rack into the capsule, eliminating 8? of total truck height.

Note: The following is a news release and website posting from Maranda Composite Truck Bodies, detailing Maranda’s partnering with Prime Design on a unique ergonomic ladder rack design.

Sherman, CT (March 10, 2014) – Maranda Composite Truck Body gave customers their first public look at its newest truck designs at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.  Among them was the first ever integrated ergonomic ladder rack.

Maranda Composite Truck Body introduced the Fuel Sipper M-Series Workshop Capsule to the delight of its customers servicing metropolitan areas.

Maranda CTB worked together with Prime Design on this exclusive and patented design to integrate an ergonomic ladder rack into the capsule.

The integration shortens the total height of the truck by 8? with the top of its drop-down ladder rack below height restrictions of virtually all parking garages built since the 1970s on many trucks.  Moreover, the design allows technicians to take their vehicles through car washes and drive-thru windows.


By integrating a drop-down ladder rack into the capsule, Maranda Composite Truck Body has made a more lightweight and aerodynamic solution, translating to improved MPG.

Of financial benefit with this new design is improved fuel economy due to greater aerodynamics and the elimination of 60 lbs of ladder rack support structure in the design.

A video demonstrating the use of the integrated low-profile ladder rack and more pictures are available on the M-Series Fuel Sipper page.

Maranda CTB also had other new designs highlighted at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

The first was a Maranda M-170 Workshop Capsule with CASECO MidBox integration on a Ford F-150.  This combination offers the convenience of a secure storage solution in the MidBox with the flexibility and transferability of a Maranda Workshop Capsule.

The other was Maranda CTB’s line of domestic service bodies, including the Maranda Sprinter Service Body and S-56 Service Body.  These completely fiberglass bodies weigh-in significantly less than their counterparts, providing greater fuel economy and allowing smaller chassis or greater payload.


Maranda S-Series Composite Service Bodies add volume while reducing fuel consumption.

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With over 40 years of history, Maranda Composite Truck Body is the leading fiberglass automotive body manufacturer in North America. A household name in Canada, Maranda recently began engaging its innovative body solutions with U.S. fleets and contractors.  In addition to a complete line of Maranda Composite Service Bodies, Maranda’s product line includes Maranda Composite Workshop Capsules, all-enclosed fiberglass pickup truck capsules providing an ergonomic and transferable solution while allowing for the conveniences of a pickup truck.

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