Fire Research Corp. (FRC) Acquires FoamPro: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does this acquisition make sense?

A: The new parent company of FoamPro, Safe Fleet, owns several well established brands in the fire/EMS industry (e.g. FRC, ROM, and Bustin). With this acquisition, FoamPro and FRC will be able to leverage combined strengths in engineering, electronics, and sales to provide better products and enhance customer service to fire departments worldwide. This acquisition allows both FRC and FoamPro to further enhance their product leadership positions in the fire and emergency service industry.

Q: What has Safe Fleet purchased in the transaction with FoamPro?

A: All foam proportioning systems and accessories.

Q: Does the purchase affect any other products from the Pentair Ltd. portfolio?

A: No, just the foam proportioning systems and accessories.

Q: How will orders be entered and handled between the companies during the transition?

A: See graph below.


FAQ Diagram

Q: Is FoamPro moving?

A: Yes. While we are still working through many of the details, eventually the complete FoamPro product line will be built and serviced from FRC’s facility in Nesconset, NY. The plan is to have as little disruption to product deliveries as possible. More details relating to the transition will be provided very soon.

Q: How long is the planned transition period?

A: The transition is scheduled to be completed by March 29, 2014.

Q: Is my FoamPro sales, customer service, or technical support point-of-contact changing?

A: At the present time, no changes are anticipated. However, please make a note of the new email addresses. This contact information will continue to be valid during the transition period.

Name Territory Phone Fax Email
Mike Dupay, Sales Manager N/A (651) 766-6321 (651) 766-6614 Email Mike
Dan Richardson, Application Specialist N/A (651) 766-6404 (651) 766-6614 Email Dan
Scot Hultberg, Application Specialist N/A (651) 766-6329 (651) 766-6614 Email Scot
Rick Morley, East – Regional Manager AL,CT, DC, DE, FL, GA,MA, MD,ME, NC, NH,NJ, NY,PA, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV (678) 416-5136 N/A Email Rick
Chuck Small, South Central – Regional Manager AR, AZ, CO, KS,KY, LA, MO, MS, NM, OK, TN, TX (936) 697-3626 N/A Email Chuck
David Roll, West – Regional Manager AK, HI, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY, Southern CA & NV, UT (503) 333-9822 N/A Email David
Mark Frieden, Central Regional Manager IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI (612) 245-9279 N/A Email Mark


Q: Are lead time, delivery, terms, discount, or pricing change during the transition?

A: The intent is to bring as little interruption and change during the transition as possible. FRC is honoring all FoamPro lead and delivery times, terms, discounts, and pricing through the transition. After the transition, FRC will determine if any change(s) is necessary.

Q: Which company, FoamPro or FRC, will handle quoting?

A: FRC will assume full responsibility for quoting. Customers will continue interacting with the same FoamPro employees listed above once the transition is fully complete. More information will be provided soon.

Q: Are FoamPro part IDs or brand names changing?

A: No. The intent is to bring as little interruption and confusion as possible.

Q: Who should I call if I need FoamPro products serviced during the transition period?

A: FoamPro is honoring all warranty and service calls during the transition and is committed to maintaining a hassle-free experience. Continue to contact your current sales representative or Application Specialist as shown on page two.

Q: How will the FoamPro products be sold by FRC?

A: At the present time, all FoamPro points-of-contact remain the same. FRC also intends to retain FoamPro’s direct and independent representation.

Q: Will any FoamPro products be discontinued?

A: With this acquisition, there is some overlap of products. We will evaluate and rationalize the product line during 2014 and will move forward with only the best solutions for our customers.

Q: Will warranty and the RMA process change?

A: During the transition process – no. However, the warranty and RMA claims will be handled by FRC employees.

Q: What will happen to FoamPro’s website, products manuals, and sell sheets?

A: During the transition period, we will use the same website, product manuals, and sales sheets that FoamPro presently has in place. Over time, we will integrate these materials into the FRC website and marketing templates.

Q: Will this bring additional jobs to Nesconset?

A: Yes. FRC plans to hire additional staff in the manufacturing and purchasing departments although the total head count has not yet been determined.


To learn more about FRC’s acquisition of FoamPro, please read the FRC news release.