Elkhart Brass External Customer FAQs

Elkhart BrassKey messages:

  • Business as usual
  • No anticipated changes – same high levels of quality, service, and delivery
  • Continue to work with your normal points-of-contact inside the company
  1. As an Elkhart Brass customer, is my billing contact or sales rep changing?
    No, all points-of-contact remain the same.
  2. Does the acquisition by Safe Fleet change the warranty/repair process?
    No. There are no anticipated changes to the warranty/repair process.
  3. Will terms of sale change after the acquisition?
    Safe Fleet/Elkhart Brass does not anticipate making any changes as a result of the new ownership.
  4. If I have purchase orders for FoamPro, FRC, ROM or Bustin products, can I send them to a centralized location?
    No. Please conduct business as usual.
  5. Who will manage Elkhart Brass with the new Safe Fleet ownership?
    The present Elkhart Brass management team and staff will continue to manage the business. The only real change is that Elkhart Brass management will now report to Safe Fleet.
  6. Are there any anticipated integration issues?
    Based on the above, we do not anticipate any significant integration issues.