Contests Inspire Kindness

Contests Encouraged 2,878+ Conversations on Kindness to Help End the Bullying Crisis

Safe Fleet Believes Every Action That Inspires Kindness Keeps Students Safe

BELTON, MO (January 10, 2019) – Safe Fleet is pleased to announce the winners of its United to End Bullying Program’s 2018 Be Kind Coloring and Poster Contest. Eleven prizes will be awarded to winning artists along with grants for kindness or bullying prevention initiatives at their schools.

Parents and educators submitted 2,878 entries from across North America, with many teachers saying they held contests in their schools and only submitted the winners. That means many more conversations about bullying and compassion were inspired with ongoing positive ripple effects. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries on behalf of the students.

Congratulations to the winners:

K-1 Coloring Contest: Winner – Anna, Ocean Acres Elementary School, NJ

Runner-up: Olivia, Lake Harriet Community School – Lower Campus, MN

Grades 2-3 Coloring Contest: Winner – Melanie, Chicod Elementary School, NC

Runner-up: Smith, Cooper’s Crossing School, AB

Grades 4-5 Coloring Contest: Winner – Amber, Lake Harriet Community School – Upper Campus, MN

Runner-up: Lola, Arcola School, SK

Grades 6-7 Poster Contest: Winner – Riley, Annie B. Jamieson Elementary School, BC

Runner-up: Hayden, Sparwood Secondary School, BC

Grades 8-9 Poster Contest: Winner – Rubi, Lompoc Valley Middle School, CA

Runner-up: Elda, Lompoc Valley Middle School, CA

Grades 10+ Poster Contest: Winner – Malisa, Kapolei High School, HI

Bullying affects nearly one in three students across Canada and the US, and youth suicide rates continue to rise. Now, more than ever, bullying prevention is as important as teaching the ABCs. “Providing students with the education and support to be resilient and put an end to bullying are essential in today’s schools,” said Bob Parks, Safe Fleet’s VP of Human Resources and UEB Executive Sponsor. “Teaching students that when a peer speaks up for a classmate being bullied, the bullying stops within 10 seconds 57% of the time, is a strong defence for abusive behavior.”

Safe Fleet is the leading provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles, with a vision to keep communities safe. Safe Fleet’s family of brands and its United to End Bullying program’s contests, upcoming annual grant program, and web site support schools, families, and organizations to create safe and respectful environments. To learn more and unite to work together to end bullying, subscribe to The Ripple Effects e-newsletter at unitedtoendbullying/subscribe.


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