100,000 Cycles … And Counting

photo_100000_and_countingBELTON, MO (January 2011) — When you specify R·O·M Roll-Up Doors on your vehicle, you’re selecting a product backed by the most extensive research and development efforts in the industry.

Since introducing roll-up doors to the North American fire service in the 1980s, the R·O·M team has worked toward continuous product enhancements. Today, backed by 10 U.S. and Canadian patents, our five-member in-house engineering team incorporates ISO 9001 and Lean Six Sigma into every R·O·M product.

Because R·O·M Roll-Up Doors are used in demanding environments for critical applications, our engineers conduct extensive testing to ensure top performance.

  • Pictured at right, we have cycle tested our roll-up doors in excess of 100,000 cycles (3X safety factor).
  • Our lift-bar is engineered to never stick for the life of the door, with stainless steel material used for the return springs inside of Pivot Blocks. The bottom rail is milled at pivot block locations via a CNC mill to guarantee perfect clearances every time.
  • Our side seals are engineered to never crack or become wavy, and to withstand environment temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F.
  • Our side seals resist collecting road debris that can scratch the contact surfaces. The impermeable seal also generates minimal drag for smoothness of door operation. Premium Santoprene, with a low coefficient of friction coextruded material, ensures smooth operation.

Outstanding research and development efforts from a world-class engineering team … one more reason to specify the best: R·O·M Roll-Up Doors.