Bustin Slide Away – Retractable Step System Video

This retractable step system provides a self-cleaning walk surface for semi-drivers needing to enter and exit the trailer safely.


The Coloradoan: Transportation Managers Discuss School Bus Safety

On May 18, 2014, The Fort Collins Coloradoan ran a story about bus safety in the Poudre School District (PSD) and other Northern Colorado districts.

Reporter Madeline Novey talked to several school district transportation managers about the “kid-centric” nature of their jobs and about the measures that are in place to keep school children safe while being transported to and from school and related activities.

The story followed an April 18, 2014 accident in which a car “slammed into and under” a bus, injuring four children and the bus driver.

“Every day, 143 buses navigate more than 1,800 square miles in PSD,” the article states. “April’s crash, coupled with a May 12 incident that seriously injured a Utah resident driving a school bus on Interstate 25, remind us all these sorts of events could happen at any moment.”

The article highlights the measures that school bus manufacturers and safety and interior solution providers utilize to protect students. “School buses are also designed specifically for the safe transport of kids, and people who rode them years ago will notice some differences.”

Read the article in the Coloradoan.
Despite recent crash, buses safe for schoolkids

Reducing Slips, Trips, and Falls: The Bustin Self-Cleaning Advantage (Snow)

Over 30% of slips, trips, and falls result in more than 21 days lost from work. Learn how the Bustin self-cleaning walk surface can reduce slips, trips, and falls associated with snow.

Roadwarrior Ramps Help Streamline Deliveries for Demountable Concepts

Demountable Concepts, Inc. looked to R-O-M to help streamline deliveries. The solution: the Roadwarrior Safety Walkramp, which is designed to ensure faster, safer deliveries while reducing costs. The ramp provides:

  • Aggressive Traction
  • Glove-Friendly Handling
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Integrated Handles
  • And much more

Check out the photo gallery highlighting why Demountable Concepts, Inc. chose the Roadwarrior Safety Walkramp from R-O-M.